Artist Statement

      I have been fascinated with photography and in particular black and white photography since my early teenage years. After seeing many incredible black and white images, it became clear to me that in order to be successful, not only must I deliver dramatic compositions with the placement of objects within the physical boundaries of the format, but also through the play of light and shadow.
     My photographic work gravitates towards places and sites where the light is spilling over or across the subject matter. Whether the scene is at on old factory, a mountain scene, an old castle or small abstract details, I strive to deliver images that provide a sense of serenity and calm.
     Most of my work is with traditional Silver Gelatin prints that have been archival processed and presented. A portion of the images on this web site are contact prints - which are made by placing the negative in direct contact with the photographic paper - there is no enlarger used in this case, and the resulting image will be between 4x5 inches and 12x20 inches - purely driven by the film size I used.
    I also use digital cameras and the processes which have become another "tool in my tool chest" and has enabled me to work in color – something that I had virtually abandoned in the late 1990’s.
About the Photographer

     Born in San Mateo, Ca in 1959, Steve and his wife Joy (see Joy's Portfolio) reside in Cameron Park which is nestled in the Sierra Foothills just east of Sacramento. Steve has been actively pursuing photography as a source of artistic expression since 1995. In 1998 Steve began his association with the 'Friday Night Gang,' a group of fellow photographers that has challenged, critiqued and supported him in his pursuit of photography as an artisitic expression.

2001    KVIE Art Auction        1st place in Photography / Digital Art
1999    KVIE Art Auction        1st Place in Photography
1995    Sacramento Best           Accepted
Solo Shows

2003    Through My Lens - SMUD Gallery - Sacramento California
2002    Gladding McBean - Audio Editions Gallery - Auburn California
2002    Feats of Clay - Sierra Hills Gallery - Lincoln California
2001    Making Contact - Darkroom Gallery - Sacramento California
1999    European Sojourn - Darkroom Gallery - Sacramento California
Group Shows

2017    Gladding McBean: Through the Artist's Eye - Art League of Lincoln (Juried Show - 3 Images Accepted - 1st Place Award) 
2016    Twelve: It's about Time 
(1 Image) 
2015    Viewpoint Fieldtrips (2 images)
2014    Twelve: Small Wonders - Viewpoint Gallery - Sacramento California (2 Images)
2010    Edifice Europa - Viewpoint Gallery - Sacramento California (3 person Show - 15 Images)
2010    Photographs from Gladding McBean - Viewpoint Gallery - Sacramento (1 Image)
2006    Viewpoint at the Univeristy of Pacific - University of Pacific - Stockton California (2 Images)
2003    “Friday Night Gang” - Darkroom Gallery - Sacramento California (2 Images)
2001    Lincoln Arts - Lincoln California (1 Images)
2000    Lincoln Arts - Lincoln California (2 Images)
1999    Darkroom Gallery - Sacramento Califronia (2 Images)
1999    Lincoln Arts - Lincoln California (2 Images)
1998    SMUD Gallery - Sacramanto California (2 Images)
1997    Introductory Show  - Darkroom Gallery - Sacramento California (5 Images)
1997    University of Pacific - Stockton California (3 Images)

Group Shows at Viewpoint Gallery

2016    Member Show
2015    Member Show
2014    Member Show
2014    Print Auction
2013    Member Show
2013    Print Auction
2012    Member Show
2012    Print Auction
2011    Member Show
2011    Print Auction
2010    Member Show
2010    Print Auction
2009    Member Show
2009    Print Auction
2009    Member Show
2008    MemberShiw
2007    Print Auction
2006    Member Show
2006    Print Auction
2005    Member Show
2005    Print Auction
2004    Member Show
2004    Print Auction
2003    Member Show
2003    Print Auction
2002    Member Show
2002    Print Auction  
2001    Member Show
2001    Print Auction  
2001    Member Show
2000    Print Auction

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