For many, many, many years, Graffiti artists have considered railcars their ultimate canvas: a moving exhibition for talent and effort. What has occurred is a rolling museum of outsider art. And like all art – it may be liked – or disliked, it has varying levels of quality (stunning to drab).

While the idea of capturing graffiti on rail cars is nothing new (just google Railroad Graffiti) and you will say many homages to this.

However in today’s world it mostly in color, and when done in Black and White – it is often times a digital conversion which allows you to select the color channels – making for infinite possibilities of representing the gray tones.

I chose an alternate route. I opted to photograph using Large Format Black and White film. These images were taken with 8x10, 7x11 or 7x17 Large format cameras and film (yes - those sizes are in inches). I am also choosing to print these images in a contact printing format – meaning the print is exposed having the negative laid directly on top (no enlarging). In the future I may opt to shoot with 4x5 or 5x7 and enlarge – this Gallery will exclusively be large format film driven.

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