Photography Blogs:
Shutter/Stop - Steve's Blog - Loosely driven by photography - but can and will on occasion include other topics that interests him :-)

Photo Boyz / Photo Divas:
Unfortunately not all of the Photo Boyz / Photo Divas have an active website. However this 'short list' will give you a good idea of the quality of work that is produced by this loose collective of photographers.

Bruce MacDougall 
Dan Kasser
Gene Kennedy
Henry Paine
Judy Molle
Mark Howell
Mark Citret
Phel Steinmetz

Other Photographers Links:
In the past - if you wanted to see what images other photographers were producing you had to go to a show, or buy a monograph. In the brave new world of the information super highway - links to other photographers is more practical, more real time and less expensive. 

Austin Granger
Bill Schwab
David L Robertson
Dick Arentz
George and Joanne Aiello
Huntington Witherill
Jack Dykinga
Jesse Alexander
John Sexton
John Wimberley
Ken Lee
Kerik Kouklis
Linda Fitch
Michael Kenna
Richard de Lhorbe
Ray Bidegain
Robb Kendrick
Robert Hicks
Rolfe Horn
Roman Loranc
Shawn Dougherty
Tillman Crane

Publications / Art Centers / Suppliers of Note:
This is an eclectic mix of other places to go - whether to view more photographic art or to keep a photographer supplied with the tools or materials that they need.

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center
- Located in Sacramento - this is THE Photographic Art Center for Northern California. Two Galleries with new shows each month! I am proud to be a member!

North Light Press 
A Photography book publication company run by Bill Schwab. High quality books - particularly the 11+1 Series. 
- A high quality publication focused on images and image making. The quality of the printing is outstanding. Highly Recommended!
Cox Black and White Lab (Jeff and Kathrine Cox) 
- Sacramento based photographic lab - family owned and operated by Jeff and Katherine.
Photographers Formulary
- Based in Montana - this is one of the suppliers of note for those still using a darkroom (like me!)
Bostick & Sullivan
- Based in New Mexico - this is the supplier for all of the needs of a printer working in the alternate processes. They also provide me with both PMK and Rollo Pyro to develop my films
Freestyle Photo
- Southern California based supplier - that provides great support to both Analog and Digital photographers

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