The Photo Boyz is a loosely defined collective of men that meet up once a year in a location on the west coast. This ostensibly is a camping trip, with great camaraderie, the best camp food ever, wonderful conversations (photographic and other) - however do not let that fool you - this is also one of the best Photo excursions one could ever hope for. Many of these gentlemen (term used loosely) have known each other for over 20 years. I am a relative recent interloper, joining the festivities in 2000. There have been some more recent additions... if you are invited to join it is quite the privilege!

One of the traditions (on of many), is that we produce enough copies of our favorite image from the trip so that everyone that attended the trip gets a copy. Over the years one can accumulate a stunning portfolio of images. The styles and type of images vary, as each photogrpaher has their own vision. The portfolio exchange has been in effect since 2000 – my first year. While I cannot share the images from the other photographers, I can share mine. These images also appear in other galleries - so do not be surprised if there are duplications...

These images were taken on the way to, the way from or at the site we were camping at.

I hope that one day a site can be opened for the Photo Boyz so that all of the images from all the Boyz can be displayed. Until then enjoy this Gallery!

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